Mobile Wellness Coordinator, Tampa

Mobile Wellness Coordinator, Tampa

– Tampa, Florida


As a Surterra Mobile Wellness Coordinator you must be a minimum of 26 years of age, have a clean driving record, pass a background check and a Drug Screening. This position works closely with the Lead Mobile Wellness Coordinator, and will maintain a professional appearance and demeanor at all times. The Mobile Wellness Coordinator will use sound driving practices, acting as a driver or passenger when needed. This position will possess effective organizational and communication skills. The Mobile Wellness Coordinate is responsible for high quality patient customer service, retrieving patient information from the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, and maintaining confidential and HIPAA compliant paperwork. In addition, this position is responsible for State of Florida regulations for a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, and will adhere to best practices in the day -to-day operations of the Surterra’s delivery efforts.

Minimum Requirements

· Must hold a valid State of Florida Drivers License

· Must have an established and a driving record in Good Standing. To be in Good Standing a Mobile Wellness Coordinator must present a current DMV printout with none of the following violations:
* Any major violations (DWI, homicide, reckless driving, drugs, leaving the scene) within the last 7 years
* Two or more other moving violations and one at fault accident in the last three years
* Two or more fault accidents in the last three years with no moving violations
Surterra Mobile Wellness Coordinators will not be qualified for this position if they meet or exceed any of the above guidelines.

· Positive attitude

· Professional appearance

· Ability to navigate efficiently

· Exemplary customer service skills

· Flexibility

· Able to communicate effectively with team members

· Able to function well as part of a team

· Diligent attention to detail

· Comply with Surterra’s current policies and procedures and applicable state and local laws

Job Responsibilities

1. Customer Service and Record-Keeping:

– Provide exceptional service for our customers

– Provide deliveries, acting as a driver or passenger

– Obtain the appropriate documentation from each patient at every delivery, ensuring validity of their identification and registration with Medical Marijuana Use Registry

– Record each visit using appropriate software, ensuring accuracy of patient information, and recording notes if necessary

– Collaborate with call center employees to maintain a steady patient traffic flow to maximize sales and customer satisfaction

– Record and collaborate with call center employees about preorders and online orders to ensure accurate order information and timeliness of delivery

– Respond to and resolve patient requests, complaints, or compliments in person, and on the phone requesting supervisor support as needed

2. Cannabis based Education and Guidance:

– Maintain knowledge of all applicable state and local laws, as well as documentation processes in accordance with the State of Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use

– Maintain a basic understanding of the Cannabis based therapeutics, and services provided at Company

– Educate patients on the processes of registration, renewals, lost registration documents, etc.

– Provide educational materials and resources for patients and caregivers as needed

– Maintain awareness of patient input and suggest changes to improve service or product

3. Documentation:

– Ensure all patient files are current and required documentation is on file and follows all guidelines issued by the State of Florida.

– Communicate with employees to update online and physical pamphlets as needed.

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Or email resume to:

Director of Operations, Learn Sativa University

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