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We’ve added tons of new content, and wanted to deliver it in a clear, easy to use way for our students. Part of being the world’s #1 online marijuana school is staying above the curve and on top of the latest technology. We hope our new site makes it even easier to learn how to be a part of the $52.5 billion medical marijuana industry. We’ve also completely streamlined our student area so watching lessons, taking quizzes and getting help is easier and more organized than ever. LSU is clearly the best marijuana school on the planet with the most information for lowest cost! The premier cannabis certification and leading cannabis college. The premier cannabis industry institute, Learn Sativa University. We just added 15 more hours (an additional 50 videos) to the program! That’s over 150 cannabis videos in the program now! Plus 3000 pages of cannabis ebooks!

Our latest addition to the Master Certificate Program includes the all new Official Two Pound, Four Plant, One Light Handbook by Patrick O’Brien. Patrick is a world renowned Marijuana Expert, and has over a decade of experience within the Cannabis Industry. Learn Sativa  University offers the highest quality, most complete training available anywhere! Plus sign up quick and get access to 4 more of Pat’s Books as well! Here’s what you now get for just one low price:

Over 100 Digital Cannabis Training Guides by Top Marijuana Experts
Our easy to follow cannabis e-books can be read at your own pace and convenience, on your smartphone, tablet or computer. All topics from growing and cooking to business and law are covered. 7

Courses with over 200 Lessons & Videos
Learn Sativa University cannabis video courses are your number-one resource for medical marijuana education and training.

Weekly Newsletter with 420 Jobs!
Your success is our success! To help you stay in touch with the current job openings across the US and Canada, we’ve created the largest cannabis job board in the world! A brand new Master Certificate

This certificate demonstrates your Extensive Knowledge of LSU Cannabis Course Material and of The Medical Marijuana Industry. We’ve updated the look of our certificate as well, which is automatically generated for you to print upon completion of the Master Exam, and includes 7 areas of cannabis certifications.

If you were a member before you are still a member now! The only difference is you now have access to all of the brand new features, cannabis videos and marijuana e-books the new CTU has to offer.
How to access the new student area

Yes. The url for your student area homepage is https://learnsativa.org/my-account/. You can also access it when visiting the site by clicking the “Login” link in the site footer. Once logged in you will be able to access your courses, account information, support tickets, LSU forums, and take your final exams. These links are all located on the right hand side.

Our system will automatically generate your Master Certificate with your First and Last name, as well of the date you completed the exam. If you did not enter your first and last name when you enrolled on our old site, it will be unable to do so. This can be easily corrected by entering your full name in your account settings in the student area.

1. Go to your student area. https://learnsativa.org/my-account/

2. Click “Edit Account Info”.

3. Enter your name in the “First Name” and “Last Name” fields in the form. Then click “Save Changes”. Your name will now be in the system.

4. Unfortunately, you will have to re-take the exam to receive a new cannabis certificate with your correct name.

General Questions

Hands-on Management Training is normally $1,495, but you can sign up for a limited time for only $299.

Online Management Training is only $199.

Yes! LSU has one of the biggest social media following of any medical marijuana school! You can become a Fan and Like and Follow them all right here…




Growing marijuana is legal in some parts of the United States, and in a few other countries around the world as well. It is not legal in the United States by Federal Law, only by certain state laws. Our program will teach you how to grow marijuana regardless of where you live. But you are only allowed to grow marijuana in areas where it is permitted by local law.

It is legal to open a marijuana business in some areas of the United States and Canada, and now Spain, and Australia as well. Many other states are currently lobbying for marijuana businesses to be able to open and operate within their state lines. The LSU Master of Marijuana Certificate Program can benefit anyone, in any state or country that has ever been interested in learning about the business of marijuana.

The most popular jobs are as BudTenders, Growers, Trimmers, and Security. There are many cannabis career opportunities, just as with any industry, such as; accounting, marketing, sales, branding, lawyers, doctors, banking, credit card processing, insurance, writers, web developers, designers, cooks, drivers, and more.

Yes, the LSU Master of Marijuana Certificate Program includes 90 minutes of marijuana law with one of the Executive Directors of NORML of Greater Orlando.

We even cover marijuana laws around the world and in all areas of the United States and Canada. We are always updating the marijuana laws around the world and pass the information along to all of our students, current, and past.

Questions About Courses

Yes, the LSU Marijuana videos are protected by the Freedom of Speech. In any state or country where you can legally purchase books on marijuana, DVD’s on marijuana, or guides on marijuana it is legal to watch our marijuana courses. Just as how it is legal to buy books and videos on how to grow marijuana on Amazon.com, or Ebay.com, it is legal to watch videos and read content on marijuana on this site no matter where you are anywhere in the world.

As far as working in the industry, currently the booming areas are Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Maine, Nevada, Illinois, Canada, Spain, Uruguay, Australia and soon to be many other states and countries around the world as well. There are numerous marijuana career opportunities, since every industry needs things like marketing, sales, security, web design, graphic design, insurance, and many other standard jobs. Then of course there are the jobs working with the plants themselves like growers, trimmers, bud tenders. If you are more of an Entrepreneur, there are businesses that can be started, like dispensaries, edibles, delivery, etc. Our master certificate program gives an overview of the entire industry and is a great place to start if you are thinking about getting in the green rush. If you are looking to start a cannabis career, Learn Sativa University is the best place to start!

Yes. You will have an opportunity to get certified as a Marijuana Grower and Budtender after you enroll in the Marijuana Master Certificate Program and pass our 50-question online marijuana certificate examination. You will learn how to grow marijuana, how to be a bud tender in a medical marijuana dispensary and much more. You can use the LSU Master of Marijuana Certificate to get a job in a medical marijuana dispensary or start your own medical marijuana business if you live in an area where it is legal to do so.

Yes, all the Marijuana e-Books and Marijuana Reference Guides are yours to download and keep. You can save the marijuana e-book and reference guides to your computer and read them anytime you want. We are also adding more content every year and pass it along to our LSU alumni at discounted rates. All Master students get access to Pat’s books for life.

No, we do not sell DVD’s. The LSU Master of Marijuana Program is all digital content. By doing so we save trees, cut down on shipping charges, decrease waste, help lower any associated toxicity associated with production and delivery, and stay current with today’s virtual world.

Yes. You can watch the programs on your computer with as many people as you would like. Keep in mind though, that to become LSU certified it requires that each person enroll individually.

Yes, all of our marijuana videos are viewable on every device – including cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

No, anyone can enroll in our marijuana courses, from any state, and any country. It is legal to get educated on the subject of cannabis regardless of where you are on this planet! Anyone, anywhere, anytime!

No. LSU is already priced at 1/5th the cost of other programs and gives the greatest value in the medical marijuana industry. We do however offer a 10% military discount for those who can show us their military identification.
Yes, in our LSU Master of Marijuana Certificate Program we will show you the top 150 cannabis strains today. We also reveal some of the latest information on medical marijuana from doctors and scientists who have been studying cannabis compounds for the past 15 years. LSU is the world’s leading cannabis training program and continues to build content for our students to enjoy year after year.

Students will receive 12 months, or 365 days of unlimited viewing access from the time of purchase. No other marijuana school provides as much time to view the content. Learn Sativa University goes above and beyond and wants nothing more than for each of our students to feel completely satisfied with our program. Learn Sativa University does not charge students month after month like other fraud cannabis colleges do. Beware and do not get taken advantage of. Other fraud and dishonest cannabis colleges will charge you up to $50 a month every single month for an entire year and if you forget to cancel right away you will be charged $1200! Do not be fooled. LSU is only ONE-LOW-PAYMENT and is the only cannabis certification that is recognized at over 15000 cannabis businesses in the USA, Canada and around the world.

We give you an ample 365 days to view content and take quizzes at your own pace when you sign up for the Master of Marijuana Certificate Program.

You may watch the program as often as you would like during your days of access.

Online Training: Anyone of any age is legally allowed to view the content. Medical marijuana education is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless of age or place of residence.

Hands-on Training: Must be 18+.

Learn Sativa University work with over 18,000+ legal marijuana businesses. Due to cannabis being federally illegal, no campus has the ability to be “accredited”. Don’t be fooled by impostors claiming otherwise. Learn Sativa University is the only marijuana school that is recognized by medical marijuana employers as a legitimate program. Learn Sativa University is the only cannabis school that is recognized at cannabis employers across the United States and Canada.

No problem! You can take the exam up to 3 times.

No need to worry! Just give it another try on us!

We also offer tutoring at the Orlando, Florida campus.

Yes, the LSU Master of Marijuana Certificate Program teaches everyone, from beginner to advanced how to grow marijuana, and how to do it in a simple, easy-to-follow method. The courses were designed by Cannabis-Cup Winning growers, and they share their grow secrets with you. We even throw in an enormous amount of FREE marijuana growing guides and marijuana e-Books with your purchase. After viewing this program you will know How To Grow Weed like the pros do! Learn how to grow cannabis indoors and out. We will also be adding more content each year about how to grow marijuana and will send it to our alumni at special rates and discounts.

Technical Help

In the footer of the website, under “Administration” click the link titled “Reset Password“. This will send an email so you can easily change your password if you forget it.

You can reach us by submitting a request, click here or calling (720) 295-1439. Please allow up to 72 hours for our staff to answer your inquiry. Feel free to Contact LSU anytime day or night. We would love to hear from you.




After your payment is confirmed, you can log in with your new username and password and begin your viewing immediately. You can watch the marijuana videos anytime, day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Occasionally, your cache can prevent you from seeing updated content, or cause functional problems when stored content conflicts with live content. You can fix many browser problems simply by clearing your cache. This included the viewing of course videos and even some sign-in problems. Click here to learn how to Clear Your Browser Cache.

Your username is the information before the @ in your email address. For example, if your email was tommy2019@aol.com than your username would be tommy2019

Simply Click Here! Please use our Customer and Student Services Contact form to submitted your questions or help request. We make every possible effort to respond within 72 hours.

You may also call (720) 295-1439

Please try clearing your browser cache, close all browser windows and try logging in fresh. If you continue to experience problems, or can not access your courses, please contact Customer Service.
The exam can be submitted only when every question has been answered. Please go back and make sure each question has been attempted and then push the submit button. If any of the questions on the marijuana exam are left blank it will not allow the test to be submitted.

Yes – Your Payment Information is always secure and protected, we do not store any critical information or details on our servers.

You should receive confirmation messages of your enrollment, If you feel that you have missed these messages, please check your spam or junk mail folders.

Please try clearing your browser cache, close all browser windows and try logging in fresh.

Remember that lag is not on our server. It has to do with the internet connection at your location. Sometimes it helps to switch browsers, try a new one like Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact Customer Service.

Your Password was created during the registration process, You would have been prompted to create it yourself. If you have misplaced or forgotten your password, please use Reset Password link in the footer of the website to request a new one.

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If you have additional questions about our marijuana college and our training courses on how to grow pot?

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