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On Thursday, December 20th, 2018 President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, a massive piece of legislation renewed once every five years since 1933, outlining regulations on everything from food stamps to environmental land use.

This bill did something, though, that the previous versions have not — it legalized industrial hemp, including the plants used to produce CBD oil. Currently surging in popularity due to its therapeutic properties, CBD has existed in a confusing legal gray, governed by a mishmash of laws that vary from state to state. Despite this questionable legality, it’s turning up in cocktails and wellness products, it topped $350 million in consumer sales in 2017 — and it’s expected to grow now that the bill goes into law.


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How to open a dispensary in California

California was known as the first state to actually legalize marijuana for medical purposes. Because of these development, other states have followed suit. Surprisingly, California did not vote for the regulation of recreational use by adults until the 2016 elections. To streamline the process, the state will combine marijuana licenses for recreational and medical purposes.


Retailers, breeders and manufacturers offer many opportunities in California. However, getting a licensed marijuana to open a dispensary in California requires a lot of work. With the right team behind you, you can focus on potential opportunities and avoid fall backs.


In addition to the agreement with breeders and other suppliers, the opening of one dispensary in California is very similar to another, with some minor variations.

The Medical Marijuana Dispensary Authorization in California, which emerged from Senate Design 420, is from California Health and Safety Code 11362.775. This code allows medical marijuana patients and primary family members to collaboratively build or collaborate on marijuana for California medical purposes.

These collective marijuana organizations must follow very strict guidelines to comply with state and local regulations.

how to start a cannabis business

Listed below is a review on how to legally open a dispensary in California:

Submission of articles of incorporation under the Companies Code or the Food and Agriculture Code

California law explicitly states that the approval to open a dispensary, the cultivation or distribution of marijuana is strictly not for profit making.

Submission of articles of incorporation under the Companies Code or the Food and Agriculture Code

When opening a dispensary in California the transactions with medical marijuana are subject to sales tax. This means that collectives and cooperatives must obtain the approval of a seller (this information is available on the California State Board of Equalization website). And depending on the city / region where you would like to open the facility, you may need a business license and / or a zoning license.


A California dealer license must be obtained from the state, as marijuana is subject to sales tax for medical purposes.


Many cities and counties require additional permits, For example, a business license and a zoning permit.

When opening a dispensary in California you need to regulate membership in the cooperative to ensure only medical sales

To open a dispensary in California you have to comply with applicable regulations, you must demonstrate that you are marketing marijuana for medical purposes. To do this you need:

  • Design an application process that requires new patients or primary relatives to complete a written application. This should include information such as the doctor’s name and contact information as well as additional personal information. Keep copies of this application, all ID cards, and doctor’s recommendations.
  • Review the information in the application by contacting the doctor who issued the referral or by checking the validity of the card if you have a valid California Medical Marijuana ID.
  • Ask members in the application process to sign an agreement that prohibits the sale or use of marijuana for non-medical purposes.

Marijuana can only be bought or sold to members

To open a dispensary in California, note that medical marijuana cooperatives are not allowed to buy marijuana from non-members. Remember that the only type of legally cultured marijuana is that of a qualified patient or primary caregiver10. Opening a dispensary in California should merely be a means to facilitate and coordinate legal transactions between members. California medical marijuana cooperatives can buy marijuana only from their members.


In the state of California, legal marijuana is legalized only when manufactured by a qualified primary caregiver. Cooperatives and collectives are only organizations designed to facilitate transactions between members.

Top 15 California Citites and Their Laws

Eighteen months after California voters enthusiastically endorsed legal marijuana, only one city in seven state allowed recreational marijuana shops, according to a unique study of their kind conducted by the news agency and its California partner. And only one in three allows some kind of activity related to cannabis.


In addition, less than a city five in California welcomes marijuana pharmacies for medical purposes, while less than a seventh of the leisure marijuana shops allow where everyone is 21 and able to buy legal grass since January 1.


These are some of the results of an unprecedented investigation that will track and compile the orders on cannabis in 540 cities Courts and Counties in California, study by the Southern California News Group and other Digital First newspapers.


The information provided a window into how the industry enters three months after California began licensing marijuana businesses and allowed the sale of marijuana for recreational purposes.


The study is necessary as a simple rule in California as Proposition 64 (approved by 57% of state voters in November 2016) allows individuals to receive one ounce of marijuana in the promotion of home-grown and enjoyment, the law also cities and county have a say on how the law is implemented in their respective countries.


This dichotomy has led to an insane panic of politics throughout the state. Some cities support cannabis and allow it to be used by a large number of product-related companies, which residents can use at their own discretion. Other cities are less enthusiastic, some blocked virtually all types of companies related to marijuana and in some cases, prescriptions adoption, which seem to regulate as much as possible personal use.

Below are 15 popular cities in California and their Marijuana Laws

There is no excessive concentration limit for manufacturing, retail, dealer or trial licenses.

In addition, an applicant is limited to a maximum of three dealer licenses and cannot obtain a license to grow more than 1.5 acres.

The city of San Diego has passed local laws permitting marijuana or cannabis businesses within the city limits.

Following the promulgation of the law on control, regulation and taxation of the use of marijuana by adults November 8, 2016, regulations and mandates of San Diego community code now describe the definition and requirements of the city’s marijuana or cannabis trade, including marijuana outlets & marijuana production.

As of January 1, 2018, the city of San Jose will allow marihuana for medical purposes to raise money for sale to establish existing or non-medical use of cannabis for people over the age of 21 and whether they will receive a license from the state. Non-medical cannabis includes cannabis for recreational or adult use.

Registered collective Existence would also be published by the state with a state license to grow, process, manufacture and distribute non-medical use of cannabis to other cannabis companies.

San Francisco is already known for its lively bars and now has a new competition. Cannabis clinics open breweries where people can buy weed and smoke it.

The Fresno District Inspectorate has extended the ban on the cultivation and sale of marijuana for one year, as marijuana is a danger.

For recreational purposes, licenses are issued to marijuana retailers. All cities in Sacramento County and unincorporated areas prohibit the cultivation of marijuana outdoors. Indoor cultivation for personal use is restricted to private homes, with different limits and regulations depending on the zone.

In Long Beach note that Recreational marijuana is legal. You must be at least 21 years old to buy marijuana and you must bring a valid ID. Sometimes you will be asked by the clinics to leave your identity card at the reception and you will probably need to fill in a form.

Leaders in Oakland ruled that at least half of municipal permits for cannabis companies would go to producing “those who have been the victims of the war on drugs,” i.e. low-income residents of Oakland who have since been sentenced to a conviction for cannabis. November 1996, or have lived in one of the city’s police stations for at least 10 of the past 20 years, where the number of cannabis arrests was excessive.

There are no legal recreational businesses in Bakersfield County. If you use it as a medicine and want to follow the legal requirements, you must go elsewhere.

There are no state-licensed clinics in Anaheim. The city banned dispensaries of medical and recreational cannabis, so it is important to understand that it is not a local option for consumers. In addition, it is also good to know that there are several unlicensed clinics in the area. Although they look legitimate, these clinics work illegally and do not meet industry safety precautions like contaminants and pesticide testing.

Santa Ana allows cannabis retail, so the city receives and collects taxpayers’ money from 18 licensed cannabis shops within the city limits. This is not the case with Costa Mesa, which wants to close the eight crooked shops in the city that sell grass against local legislation and the state.

Riverside County, California, began 2018. On March 23, 2018, March to develop ordinances on cannabis, the Council of Riverside County regulators has allowed comprehensive trade regulation allowing cannabis-producing companies to largely meet the original recommendations of March 2018.

Riverside County has banned outdoor cannabis cultivation, but allows outdoor cannabis schools, subject to zoning and regulations.

The city of Stockton accepts applications for commercial cannabis companies. The number of licenses for delivery activities, non-volatile manufacturers and testing laboratories is unlimited. Interested parties can apply from 4 April 2019.

San Bernardino granted 16 commercial cannabis licenses late in the evening on February 21 2019, ending a one-year, sometimes confusing and complicated application process.

Although licenses are allowed, those who receive them still need permits or rights of use of land for the location in which they wish to open.

Cannabis companies are making progress and are plunging into the filing process in Stanislaus County, giving district leaders hope for significant revenue from the legal marijuana industry.

The district regulators approved the first permit to grow cannabis plants and packaging on February 12 in a 19,500-square-meter warehouse in Jerusalem Court north of Modesto.

Other Municipalities:

The city of Arcata has introduced new standards for the sale and retail of adult cannabis.

At the Arcata city council meeting on June 6, 2018, the city council unanimously approved the municipal ordinance No. 1501, which amended the building regulations for retail and cannabis services. These zoning changes are the result of new and existing laws that last year legalized the incorporation of recreational cannabis and community funds into recreational activities.

As part of the new resolution of 13 February 2018 on Tuesday night, no department, agency, commission, executive or Berkeley staff “must use the city’s resources and resources to help enforce federal laws related to cannabis drugs “.

The city will also resist attempts by the US Drug Enforcement Administration to shut down cannabis companies.

Cathedral city has a permit to grant what may be the first legal cannabis living in Southern California, a place where people are allowed to smoke and spend time, as drinkers in a pub can end up.

Crescent City prohibits all types of clinics from doing business, including medical centers. Under California law, only adults over 21 may own, grow or use cannabis. At the same time, municipalities can freely decide whether pharmacies can provide for the patients in their area. Unfortunately, Crescent City uses this freedom to ban any marijuana-related business.

Weed stores are legal and licensed to safely sell marijuana at any time.

If you are in an unincorporated area in Los Angeles County, all cannabis-related businesses and activities are prohibited. This includes the cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing and retailing of cannabis for medical and adult use.

The simple possession of marijuana can only be punished in Orange County with a fine. The fine is $ 100 plus other court costs. It is important to note that if you are under 21 and have marijuana; you can lose your license for a year.

In the county town of Santa Ana, however, there are 30 leisure activities. Most other Orange County cities have also opted to ban, with the exception of Costa Mesa, which has approved research, testing, processing and manufacturing in some areas.

Finally, the elected officials of Pomona agreed on the framework for a licensing application specifically for cannabis companies.

The vote on Monday evening, March 18, 2019, introduced a regulation that would change the city code to require a competitive review process in four phases. Council members would neither participate in the assessment or evaluation of licenses, nor would they participate in the selection of licenses.

According to the plan, the community leaders are not completely excluded from the process. They would have a few extra things to do, including changing the zone laws before a cannabis company could legally operate in the city.

Redding proposes radically new rules for commercial cannabis within the city limits, making it the second largest city in Shasta County where the burgeoning industry is located.

The City Council’s approval will also end the city’s ban on the Commercial Pan, shortly after Proposition 64 was passed in 2016.

As the Santa Barbara County planners process cannabis license applications, those in charge talk about changing the regulations that govern the new industry.

The county supervisory board intends to limit the cultivation of marijuana land classified, to eliminate the requirement to audit the agricultural staff, the reasons for the expansion on the basis of false information of the applicant’s admission is denied.

The Santa Cruz County board has helped to regulate the cannabis industry to balance the needs of medical patients and their caregivers and adults over the age of 21 interested in recreational activities.  Residents and businesses in the unincorporated area of ​​Santa Cruz County.

December 20, 2018 – More than two decades after legalizing marijuana for medical use in California, Santa Monica selected two companies on Thursday to manage its first pot shops.

The harvest of Santa Monica, LLC and CPC Compassion, Inc. ranked first on the list of candidates who vied for two permits issued by the city.

The two companies, which were created in the first two months of this year, were more than a year after approval by the Legislative Council elected to clear the permits in October 2017 (the Council approved by Santa Monica the law of approval of herbal medicines. “, 12 October 2017).

Although medical marijuana has been legal in California since 1996, local governments have the power to issue specific regulations for pharmacies within their borders.

Under the law on medical cannabis Santa Monica, retailers are two miles from Wilshire Boulevard of Lincoln to the city and limited on the boulevard Santa Monica between Lincoln and 20th Street and between 23rd Street and Cantilena Avenue.

The marijuana sales experience for recreational purposes in Ventura County has been successful when you ask the law enforcement officers in Port Hueneme and Ojai where the first stores are legally opened.

In Ventura County, both cities – and the seven pharmacies – where they are allowed to sell, served as a test to show how marijuana can act for recreational purposes in the region.

Since the adoption of Proposition 64 or the Adult Marijuana Use Act in 2016, new regulations continue to apply to the cities of Sacramento and California. While local governments are adapting to the legal use of cannabis by adults, new bills are often presented with new innovations, business interests or problems with the cannabis industry.

With cannabis shows going to West Hollywood this year, a new California State Assembly bill will make sure these companies abide by the law. Bill 1465 will establish a new set of rules for cannabis smoke shipments that will allow smoking, eating and eating. There is currently no scheme for this type of business.

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The fees must be reasonable

Californian collectives and marijuana cooperatives are limited in the amount they can demand from their members. Remember, California requires them to be charitable.


You can make it available free of charge, in exchange for services provided by members to the community or for the cooperative association. To open dispensary in California you have to charge reasonable overheads and operating costs.

Keep the amount of marijuana in your possession

If a person is designated as the primary caregiver for more than one patient, he or she can increase, own, or transport the limit of each patient, cumulatively added.


This logic also applies to medical marijuana companies and cooperatives in California, as long as they can grow, own and distribute those quantities for each member. However, note that if you want to open a dispensary in California local regulations prohibit the cultivation or ownership of more than 99 plants as an upper limit.

Establishment of security measures

Complaints in the neighborhood are the main cause of police raids. Therefore, if you want to open dispensary in California make sure that your facility is as “friendly as possible for the neighborhood”.

This should include the following:

  • Have a nice showcase with no signs or symbols “offensive” to attract law enforcement or events in the neighborhood,
  • Run a clean and professional shop,
  • Appointment of security officers to ensure the safety of patients and to ensure that criminal activities do not affect the housing or surrounding businesses
  • Implementing and following cash settlement procedures, both for sale in shops and for banking, to prevent theft or other security breaches.

Regarding non-collective or non-cooperative dispensaries in California

If you open a dispensary in California that are not a collective or cooperative entity, then note that you are operating illegal. The owners of these “for-profit” businesses can be sued, even if some of their clients are genuine qualified patients or primary caregivers.


Law enforcement agencies and authorities are looking for evidence that the clinic does not comply with local laws by investigating practices such as:

  • Take excessive amounts of marijuana or provide other illegal drugs,
  • Possess excessive sums of money,
  • Buy or sell to non-members, including outside California.
How to Open a dispensary in California - Learn Sativa Univeristy

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Things to consider when choosing the best place to open dispensary in California:

Regardless of where you open your dispensary, the state will not issue you an unrestricted license without the permission of your city or county. Make sure you follow the local licensing process. Do not try to open a dispensary in California with a local ban.


Start with a conversation with your local city and district manager. One reason why a city or county cannot approve a decision to open a cannabis clinic may be due to existing public safety notions, be ready to educate them.


When you decide to open a dispensary in California you can also check the local regulation of the city or county in which you want to open your location. In some parts of California cannabis can be banned. If so, the zoning information may not be provided.

Listed below are the factors to consider when choosing the best place to open dispensary in California:

Talk to a local real estate professional

You may want to open your marijuana pharmacy in California in a new, unknown city. A local real estate professional in this area can be a good resource. Once you have decided who you want for your target group, a real estate expert can help you understand the trends, traffic and demographics of this city.


However, opening your marijuana clinic at a location near your clientele may not be the right strategy. If you decide to work in a remote location, investing in marketing and a good local strategy can be the best option for you when decide to open a dispensary in California.

Talk to others in your field

Starting and running a lucrative and legal marijuana business is not that easy. You should think about talking to people in the cannabis industry in California. Talk to traders, breeders and other clinics. Discover their experiences and dangers that you should avoid.

The Bureau of Cannabis Control and other national and local authorities occasionally organize public licensing workshops.

If you open a dispensary in California and you want to be noticed, a professional SEO agency with experience in supporting your state’s marijuana pharmacies can help you achieve those goals , Once you’ve referenced your marijuana pharmacy, this may be one of the most enduring and organic forms of advertising.

License conditions

To open a dispensary in California you have to go through a criminal background check of the California City Police Department. The resources on this topic are limited so that no more than six candidates per day are processed. Therefore, you probably want to make an appointment. Also note that there is a $ 78 fee per background check to be paid locally.


In terms of location, applicants must submit a zoning audit letter to City Planning Department. The documentation is available from the Applicant’s Department of Public Works. The exam takes about two weeks and costs $ 250.


The cost of opening a dispensary in California can be quite high depending on the size and scope of your operation. However, the standard fee associated with the four-stage application procedure is:

  • Step 1: Preliminary determination of the authorization, Cost: $ 3,258.00
  • Step 2: Initial classification, Cost: $ 701.00
  • Step 3: Second Ranking, Cost: $ 1,790.00
  • Step 4: Public assembly and final selection of city council, Cost: $ 1,937.00

Time range

There is no standard time frame on how long it will take to get your California dispensary business up and running. However, it is expected that the process will take at least a year. It takes time to clean up your finances, acquire the necessary licenses, research your suppliers, and find employees.

Steps to establishing a dispensary in California

Choose the type and company name:

To open dispensary in California you need to name the business, but also decide what kind of business it is. Is it a sole proprietorship owned by one person? A general partnership? A company or a limited liability company? Each designation has its own advantages and disadvantages. It ranges from the taxation of the company to the person who owes the debt.

Register the company with the Secretary of State:

Individual companies do not have to do it. General partnerships are not required, although this is possible. All other types of companies need to register with the Secretary of State, pay fees up to $ 150, and provide basic information such as names and contact information. Cannabis companies that operate as nonprofit organizations also need to register to become companies, corporations or cooperatives all this need to be done before you can open a dispensary in California.

If necessary, register a fictitious company name:

If a company wants or has to work under a name other than the one registered in the state, the owners must provide the fictitious trade name. This process is managed by the region where the company is located. Contact the local registrar / registrar for more information.

Obtain proof of local operating permit:

Before you open a dispensary in California and can obtain a business license from the state, it must first show that it has a permit from the local government. If the business is in a city, homeowners need a copy of a license, permit, or other written permission from community officials to prove that the business is legal under local law. If the business is outside of a registered city, this is the responsibility of the county.

Receive a dealer license and, if necessary, a cannabis tax license:

Anyone who wishes to open dispensary in California needs a sales permit from the California Revenue Service. Cannabis traders will also need to obtain cannabis tax exemptions.

Get a state license:

To open a dispensary in California, a preliminary license applications with a validity of four months should be in preparation, while state authorities complete complex applications for annual licenses. Retailers, distributors, lab testers, microenterprises, and event organizers can apply for licenses through the Consumer Protection Bureau’s Cannabis Control Bureau. Farmers apply for licenses through the Cal Cannabis Department of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Manufacturers using raw cannabis to make edible products and concentrates can apply for a license from the Department of Cannabis Production Safety at the Ministry of Health.

Respect the duties of the employer:

To open a dispensary in California, you must make sure your employees must register for a US employer identification number. You have to pay the social costs. Most of them also have to register with the Employment Development Department, which prescribes conditions for the payment of unemployment insurance, notification of new employees, and so on.

Account for tax obligations:

To open a dispensary in California you have to pay federal taxes, income taxes, payroll taxes and property taxes. In addition, they must follow the fifth step above to register with the relevant tax authorities.

Account for tax obligations:

To open dispensary in California your company must submit the information to the Secretary of State within 90 days of registration and update it annually or every two years, depending on the nature of the transaction.


Finding the best place to open a dispensary in California not only helps to maintain compliance, but is also part of an effective marketing strategy for your marijuana clinic. As the legislative changes and changing regulations are constantly affecting the cannabis industry, it makes sense to inform you about the state of the art and the latest local cannabis laws before and after opening a dispensary in California.


Setting up a website for your dispensary can also be an effective way to reach your target audience. The best way to avoid prosecution and criminal liability when opening a dispensary in California is to talk to a lawyer before deciding to go ahead.

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brad chan-a-shing
18:09 04 Feb 19
Just completed the Dispensary Management Course at Learn Sativa University.I am glad to say that I was very pleased with the immense degree of knowledge provided to us. Having covered an enormous amount of material, I now feel empowered to pursue this field in depth with a renewed sense of confidence at a professional level. Our trainers Pat and Chris both possess a pleasant and down to earth nature which allowed us to ask whatever questions came to mind. Their combined extensive knowledge and experience in the subject was definitely impressive, and their commitment to establishing a high standard of integrity and compassion stands out at in all aspects. There was no question they could not answer or address. After completing this course I am now interested in pursuing this field at a more advanced level.I will definitely be pursuing their more advanced courses in the near future .Another positive aspect of this University is their commitment towards assisting the graduate with networking and locating recognised employment opportunities both local and nationwide .I would recommend this to anyone who has an interest in pursuing this field at a professional level. You will NOT be disappointed ! Thanks again Pat and Chris for a great course and look forward to returning to the campus very soon.Brad from Tampa, Fl.
Kelly Redcay
Kelly Redcay
19:37 28 Feb 19
This is a great place to learn everything basic about dispensary training, beginner cultivation information, Cannabis culture and industry standards and practices. There are more advanced levels of education available as well. Taught by experienced professionals with insider knowledge and advice to enter the industry. Highly valued my time in hands-on classes and recommend this organization to anyone who wants to learn more and make connections with others within the medical Cannabis community.
Johan Calvache
Johan Calvache
21:05 03 Mar 19
It was a great pleasure to work with both Chris and Patrick! They are phenomenal instructors and cover any questions or concerns that you may have. The class itself is very thorough and covers everything you need to know regarding cannabis. I myself will definitely come back for the advance growers class, cant wait!
20:14 10 Mar 19
I’m a Learn Sativa aluminus and I loved every minute I was there in class. The classes are easy to understand. The professors are excellent and very knowledgeable. Everyone is there to help and they want you to succeed! Don’t over think it. If you want to be part of this BILLION dollar industry. Start at Learn Sativa University now! You won’t regret it!
Norma Ortiz
Norma Ortiz
17:07 26 Mar 19
It was an awesome class! Looking forward to take other classes available. I’m sure it will help make easier for me to choose what I need. Recommend to those of you that feel overwhelmed with some much inf.
Catherine Desir
Catherine Desir
16:53 31 Mar 19
Hands down the best education i could have received. The knowledge is second to none and the customer service is out of this world. I have never been so proud to make history and also gathering the knowledge it takes for me to make it in the business. I loved this course and will be back for the rest. Thank you learn sativa team, you literally have made my life dream come through
Jah-Healla Daniel
Jah-Healla Daniel
16:57 31 Mar 19
Great experience Chris & Brien were amazing. Tons of info for beginners & the experienced. I’m looking forward to taking that advance grow class. I’d advice any one with interest in the cannabis field to take up a course with some of the best!
Michelle Bedoya
Michelle Bedoya
22:27 06 Apr 19
Wow! If you want to learn everything cannabis, this is the place to do it. The staff and instructors are professional, knowledgeable, kind, and sharp. The course was worth every penny, if not more. They are on the forefront of this field. Awareness and education is power, and needed to eliminate the stigma that marijuana became.
Nicholas Pinto
Nicholas Pinto
13:36 07 Apr 19
Great school! You can see the passion the staff/teachers have, they break things down to allow even some with some prior knowledge to understand how to do things right and with dispensary etiquette. It’s a great entry level course and I cant wait to come back for the advanced management course and extraction courses. See you guys again!
liz Pesantes
liz Pesantes
17:08 25 Apr 19
Just graduated from the Dispensaries Management class . I have learned so much in just a few weeks. Chris is one of the best instructors, very easy to understand. Patrick is awesome as well. I feel like this class was worth it . Very informational .
Kyree Lowe
Kyree Lowe
17:13 25 Apr 19
Best school/college I ever attended. Received so much knowledge and learned something new each class I attended. Definitely plan on taking advanced classes and learning more! I love this school and everything it stands for.
Stevie Brantley
Stevie Brantley
23:26 04 May 19
Just received the BEST education on cannabis thanks to Learn Sativa University. I was skeptical at first, but that instantly went away as soon the class started. To meet and learn from people who feel as strongly as I do about cannabis was refreshing. The experience was very informative and professional, and I’d recommend this course to anyone who is interested. I’m excited to apply everything I learned today, and I just want to thank everyone who is a part of Learn Sativa University; it’s people like you that are going to help make an impact in this industry. I’m grateful to have been able to have the opportunity to meet you guys, and look forward to crossing paths again in the near future!
Lilí Fragozo
Lilí Fragozo
23:08 04 May 19
This was an extraordinary experience!!! I took the one day class ( 8 hr ) and man did i LEARNED A LOT. It really makes you feel comfortable with the environment. The teachers are amazing and they make sure you understand each and every one of the details and everything. Such and amazing experience!!! I met a lot of people too!! 😁
Nicholas Cleveland
Nicholas Cleveland
20:08 05 May 19
Best Cannabis College in the COUNTRY. Get it while its still affordable! The information in the 4 week course is astronomical and priceless. This is the future. Time to get the knowledge and spread the wisdom and love! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Geralynn Vasquez
Geralynn Vasquez
15:05 06 May 19
I would like to say that if you are looking to educate and grow in the Industry, then this is a great university to go to. The team makes you feel like family, they are there to help you succeed. Chris the instructor has great passion for what he teaches, he is very approachable as well as wants to make sure you understand what you are learning. Pat O’ Brain is also so approachable willing to meet with individuals to disuses their goals in the industry and guide them with his experience.I took the hands on course. I recommend it. What an amazing class, you will not regret it . I am looking forward to taking other course. Thank you all .
Raheem Curry
Raheem Curry
17:07 28 May 19
Learn Sativa is the place to be! It’s honestly the first and the most in depth and up to date information to learn with the growing cannabis industry. Patrick, Chris, and the whole staff are phenomenal and teach you very important industry standards!!! The hands on classes are the best way to go! It’s surreal and you will truly see the results from all the hard work that’s put in! Learn Sativa University, thank you so much!
Sammi Benson
Sammi Benson
17:05 28 May 19
This course was amazing! The passion that Patrick and Chris show is infectious. I’ve learned so much about the cannabis industry and plan on coming back for the grow and extract classes they offer as well. If anyone is looking to get educated in the Medical Marijuana industry this is the school to go to! Thanks Learn Sativa for an incredible experience.
jessica veltri
jessica veltri
17:07 28 May 19
Absolutely loved taking the medicinal cannabis management class. I learned more than I thought possible in 4 weeks. I drove 3 1/2 hours to come and it was so worth it. Pat, Chris and Allyson are awesome!!! So excited to get started in the industry of compassion! Go Sativa, so proud to be alumni and this is just the beginning!
Regina Econg
Regina Econg
20:11 28 May 19
Hands down worth every penny. Hands-on experience and lifetime access to updated material is priceless. Chris and Patrick genuinely care about your experience and helping you to succeed. Amazing opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and even build strong friendships. Looking forward to the next class
00:42 03 Jun 19
My experience with” Learn Sativa Institute of Cannabis & Training” was very informative and, at the same time, fun. Both Pat & Chris are knowledgeable in the cannabis Industry. More importantly, their method of delivering the education, “Law & Growing,” to me as a student was a great experience. Highly recommended for future students.A.Perez
Chais Hogan
Chais Hogan
10:47 09 Jun 19
Patrick and Chris are amazing and knowledgeable. This college is everything and then some. Hands on training and law is invaluable. I will join the movement with them!!! Great stuff- don’t miss out! Thank you Pat and Chris! Chais and Stephanie are proud to be Alumni 😁
Elizabeth Rice
Elizabeth Rice
17:04 27 Jun 19
The classes were absolutely fantastic! I learned so much! Patrick and Chris, are amazing and so easy to learn from. They have completely set everyone up for success! I’m looking forward to taking advanced classes at Learn Sativa! ❤❤❤
Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez
20:09 30 Jun 19
What a wonderful experience to learn first hand from the Pros. So much knowledge from day one. Down to earth teacher and owner Patrick. Knowledge is Power! What an awesome experience. I knew nothing about the industry and walking out with so much more.
Kalie Stropes
Kalie Stropes
20:08 30 Jun 19
Seriously down to earth teachers. Phenomenal educational program. Easy to understand information, they really break it down and make sure everyone understands. Fun and informative! A must for getting into the Cannabis Industry!
Stephanie Dalvit
Stephanie Dalvit
21:27 30 Jun 19
Amazing experience. Knowledgeable and utmost respect to the medicinal elements! I loved my experience and can not wait to further my education here! I highly recommend Learn Sativa University. Thank you for everything!
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