Dispensary Management Course

Welcome to the Dispensary Management Course!

IMPORTANT: If you are taking the HANDS-ON course, please wait until your first day of class prior to accessing this course.

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  • I have a question. Was I supposed to receive any learning materials such as a book or anything? The course seems incomplete otherwise. With some of the questions on the final I had to access my notes from the old site to be able to answer the questions correctly because I couldn’t find the information on the new site. I managed to pass the test already and I would appreciate it if I could be sent any learning materials I may be lacking so I can increase my knowledge.

    dubeaubarry@yahoo.com Reply
    • Hi Barry,

      Did you not through the slides provided with each section?Those are the same slides used each week in the classroom.

      Allyson Perez Reply
  • Hi I cannot access my homework, I stupidly did some assignments like watching up to the history of cannabis 45 mins Long. Then it was reset my name isn’t mine it says I believe your receptionist. Loved today’s class. Learned a lot, is there something like the water spill tray but cheaper, looks to be a plastic bin with raised squares, and water channels.

    Benjamin L Sanborn Reply
  • Tablet thing I forgot to ask today. Also what’s difference between auto seeds feminized seeds auto feminized or normal seeds?

    Benjamin L Sanborn Reply

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