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In this webinar, the Founder of Learn Sativa, Patrick O’Brien shows you how to land a job in one of the most in-demand industries in the world… within 15 minutes. All while sitting from the comfort of your couch.

Hundreds of Patrick’s students have also built super rewarding careers in the Marijuana industry. The best part, most had no existing cannabis experience when they started!

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Marijuana Jobs Are Trending Big Time

Everything you need to know about the weed industry

Marijuana is in the air. The immeasurable potential of the marijuana industry deserves mention and the tremendous earning potential that the Green Rush has in store for you is unfolding. Have you ever visited a healthcare clinic that has a faded scent in the air that exposes the clinic’s real identity – well, it’s a marijuana dispensary. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can change your direction and enter the $31.4 billion marijuana industry. Keep reading to know more marijuana jobs.

Medical marijuana is now legal

Yes, you’ve read that right! Medical marijuana is now lawful in almost half of the U.S. Recreational marijuana has also been allowed in 9 states (till date). As more and more states are decriminalizing marijuana for recreational and medical use, the marijuana industry is becoming a hot spot for qualified workers. Research shows that there will be approximately 340000 jobs in the marijuana industry by the end of 2020.

Business in the marijuana industry first began in 1996, when medical use of marijuana was made legal in California. Over the following two decades, Colorado and Washington approved the use of marijuana for recreational use in 2012. Based on a report by the Drug Policy Alliance, it has been found that as on date, around 165000 to 240000 workers now actively work in the marijuana industry.

marijuana jobs and where marijuana is legal

How to enter the marijuana industry? All you need to know

As you’ve already seen above, by the end of 2020, the marijuana industry will come up with almost half a million marijuana jobs. Nevertheless, it’s not a cakewalk to enter the cannabis industry and get a marijuana job.

You need to build a strong network, attend events, create a stellar reputation in the community, and get in touch with people who are already working in the marijuana industry. Don’t forget that even though there’s no dearth of marijuana jobs, the competition is extremely fierce.

Currently, there are more marijuana jobseekers in the market than the number of marijuana jobs available. However, there are several ways of entering the marijuana industry. And, we’ll be talking about the most easy and effective way to enter the cannabis industry in the next section.

Skills you need to land yourself in a marijuana job

  • People management skills.
  • Experience in managing high-volume retail.
  • Managerial experience (for managing a high-end marijuana dispensary).
  • Experience in the tourism industry (marijuana field tours are common these days).
  • Science background for formulating new products
  • Accountants, engineers, IT professionals, sales representatives, etc.
Weed School

Paving the way to marijuana jobs and marijuana education

When it comes to finding the right marijuana jobs, you have a friend that’s ready to help you – the Learn Sativa University. We have over 3400 marijuana dispensaries in our database, and we bet no one knows the marijuana industry better than us.

If you’ve met people and marijuana-based institutes that have recommended cannabis training programs, let us tell you that they’re wrong. Cannabis training is a big “NO.” Who said you need to be certified by a cannabis training program to get a well-paid marijuana job?

At Learn Sativa University, we:

  • Provide you with the basic marijuana training to land yourself a marijuana job.
  • Prove to your future employer that you’ve invested yourself in the marijuana industry.
  • Help you get over the stigma related to marijuana.
  • Provide hands-on &/or online marijuana training.
  • And a lot more…

See what Learn Sativa University has in store for you>

We are proud to inform you that we have employed over 120 individuals in the marijuana industry in September 2018 alone.

Marijuana jobs – An overview

Here’s a quick table with a list of Marijuana jobs that are trending right now:

Manufacturing/Cultivating Retail/Dispensaries Other Services
Cultivation Site Manager Row 1, Content 1 Row 1, Content 2
Master Marijuana Grower Storefront Manager Sales Representatives
Cultivation Site Worker Dispatcher Compliance Manager
Cannabis Chef Front Desk Staff Web Developer
Cannabis Trimmer Accountant IT Manager
Laboratory Technician Administrator Cannabis Tour Guide
Field Technician Delivery Driver
Marijuana Extractor Packaging Worker
Distribution Clerk Security

The marijuana industry is well-established in the Western U.S, so the maximum marijuana jobs are located in this area. Based on a 2017 report, the top city to host the maximum marijuana jobs was Denver, followed by San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Sacramento, Washington, Miami, Chicago, and Boston.

Marijuana Jobs Value

The bottom-line

While the decision to move into the marijuana industry is exhilarating, you need to be on your toes to grab the best marijuana jobs on the market. The key to finding a great opportunity is networking. If you are passionate enough, we’re sure you’ll be able to make it through. And, why worry, when we’re there to help you?

So, hurry up and get going, join hands with Learn Sativa University to grasp an excellent job opportunity in the cannabis industry.

Keith Renner
Keith Renner
14:03 01 Aug 18
The knowledge I’ve gained through both the basic course and advanced grow courses at the Orlando campus are priceless. instead of trying to learn from 10,000 different web pages, videos and opinions, the entire LSU team has organized the material into a simplified step by step process that then branches out to more technical aspects of the industry with great learning tools like hands on labs. I’m absolutely ecstatic someone is spreading this knowledge, and I hope it only GROWS from here. thank you all again.
Ian Starr
Ian Starr
21:38 21 Jul 18
Absolutely fantastic class! Tons of information, everything you could want to know about the industry you learn here. I did the one day course and it was a ton of information(hands on and lecture) that’s presented in a way that’s easy to digest and most of all is fun. If this is the industry you want to be in this school is an absolute must! I’ll definitely be back for more!
21:31 21 Jul 18
Just finished the 8 hour crash course in Orlando. Couldn’t have asked for anymore information than I received. This was so informative and fun at the same time and you really learn about the medical marijuana industry in a legitimized way. Everything about this class is 5 stars and if you don’t sign up for it you’re missing out on opportunities of a life time and making history. So confident in everything I learned.
Katie Lind
Katie Lind
22:12 21 Jul 18
Patrick seemingly knows everything there is to know. about the industry. I learned a lot when it came to the plant itself. Lots of technical knowledge and hands on learning. There’s so much information out there and Learn Sativa makes it easily available and accessible.
16:17 11 Jul 18
Great school. Extremely informational. I am an experienced grower and still managed to learn something new. Thank you, PatUpdate: less than a month later I’ve been hired as a grow speacialist in Homestead, FL. Look no further than Learn Sativa U
Dat iLanGrL
Dat iLanGrL
18:33 04 Nov 18
Knowing about Cannabis and LEARNING about cannabis is totally different. You will learn so much that you will wonder why more people who want change are not taking this class. Maybe it’s because they have no idea that this University exists . I drove 3 hrs just to make sure I took advantage of this opportunity. Instructors make it so easy to understand and hands on classes make these complicated YouTube videos much easier than it seems. Plus… Chris will make sure you really relax while learning how this class is worth investing your time, effort in acquiring the knowledge to be on top of the Cannabis industry.
Ariel Heltemes
Ariel Heltemes
17:53 04 Nov 18
This class has changed the way I view Cannabis medication! The teachers were just amazing. They always took the time for a one on one. They make sure you know and are ready for an entry level cannabis industry!! It was so much fun and I learned more then I could imagined
Jimmy Hilaire
Jimmy Hilaire
17:54 04 Nov 18
It was definitely an experience, that I would do all over again and again. My professors were kind, patient and knowledgeable. Class weren’t long ,every question I could think of has been answered and even after graduating the class I am still able to come to them for help and guidance 😁 class was Lit Af.
Hunter Menning
Hunter Menning
17:53 04 Nov 18
Learn Sativa was an incredible experience, gained so much knowledge about the cannabis industry and had a ton of hands on experience. Chris and Pat were very thorough and amazing teachers. Highly recommend this course.
Francesca Taylor
Francesca Taylor
01:06 10 Dec 18
This course exceeded my expectations on so many levels! The instructors, the set-up, the knowledge are all unmatched. And the connections that the University has with the big name dispensaries are real! If you want to find a job in the Cannabis industry this is where you start! By the time our Dispensary Mgt course was over there were so many hugs and everyone was routing for each other. The University will help you with your resume and will assist you in all aspects of the process. What an amazing opportunity, thank you to Patrick and all the amazing staff at Learn Sativa University… you guys hold a special place in my heart!
Wyatt Johnson
Wyatt Johnson
21:28 09 Dec 18
This is a phenomenal setup! The team is absolutely amazing and will make sure you understand everything by the end of the class. Highly recommended if you’re interested in getting into this field or just expanding your knowledge on this up and coming market.
Dominic Roman
Dominic Roman
21:25 09 Dec 18
Great school, definitely recommend taking the course. Amazing how much Information you gain from the introductory course. Awesome teachers, making sure they set you up for success. Pat, Chris, and tj awesome instructors. Alyson is a beast! Super helpful making sure she does all she can for you.
Ean Celso
Ean Celso
21:24 09 Dec 18
I went to this school and wow! The class is easy for everyone to learn, the staff wants to ensure you learn everything there is to know for when it comes to the cannabis industry. Class is only once a week with the rest being online. They’ll stick their neck out to help you get a job in the field but you have to put forth the effort.
Wesley Jones
Wesley Jones
00:34 16 Dec 18
The Class is amazing! The passion of the staff offers you in this business is unparalleled! I recommend any person looking to be in the Cannabis field this is the place to start! Thanks Patrick and Chris for the great knowledge and keep moving this forward!Wesley Jones
colin kirkpatrick
colin kirkpatrick
17:38 06 Jan 19
Great school, very hands on and attentive to each student and any questions they may have. Chris and Patrick have been more than informative, patient and knowledge. Would recommend. Shirts are by supply though.
Jolene Evily
Jolene Evily
04:25 07 Jan 19
At Learn Sativa University you’re: HAPPILY welcomed by Allyson… MOTIVATED by Pat…And taught by COST EFFECTIVE Chris! The team at Learn Sativa University are the best and most down to earth group of people I have met in a long time! Detailed and knowledgeable in everything you can think about asking in the course’re learning and growing as a new family 💚 – proud to be an alumni! Can’t wait to start the next courses!!
Sydney Sullivan
Sydney Sullivan
21:14 06 Jan 19
Chris, my instructor, is a wealth of knowledge! This program is update on all industry standards and include in course materials. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has no experience with Hemp to basic and even advanced knowledge.
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