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We help people get started in the $52.5 billion Cannabis Industry...


We are more than just a "Cannabis College"...

Marijuana Jobs - Learn Sativa University

Marijuana Jobs

Are you looking to work in the $52.5 billion cannabis industry? Let us help you find your dream career – simply look for a marijuana job you qualify for on our exclusive & free marijuana job board.


  • 100’s Jobs Added Daily
  • Jobs Paying $10- $35 hourly
  • Direct Access to HR

Marijuana Laws

Would you like to open a marijuana dispensary, learn what it takes to legally smoke medical marijuana, or perhaps just curious as to what your rights are when it comes to cannabis? We’ve got you covered.


  • Marijuana Laws By State
  • How to Get Your MMJ Card
  • How to Avoid Being Arrested
Marijuana Strains - Learn Sativa University

Marijuana Strains

Want to learn more about medical marijuana and popular strains? How about reviews and where to buy these popular strains? Look no further than our free Marijuana Strain library & finder.


  • Find Strains Near You
  • Learn history, origin, and how each strain grows
Florida Dispensaries - Learn Sativa University

Florida Dispensaries

Are you tired of driving hours to find out that a dispensary has been shut down, or out of stock? SATU verifies each and every location to ensure quality product, just look for the “Sativa Certification”.


  • View Popular MMJ Products
  • Find Marijuana Delivery
  • Reviews & Coupons

What is Cannabis College?

Better yet, what is Learn Sativa University?!

SATU is doing something that has never been done before by providing the ultimate environment for learning the in’s and out’s of the $52.5 billion cannabis industry – whether you are looking to work in the cannabis industry, start a new business, or learn about the medicinal values of the cannabis and/or hemp plant – SATU has you covered.


Keep in mind, our campus is designed to bring like-minded individuals together in a safe and friendly environment. We are forever expanding our curriculum and tools in order to bring our students the most up to date industry equipment and training.


We intend to lift the stigma associated with cannabis. No longer will you have to show up to an interview embarrassed or uncomfortable about discussing your cannabis experience. Our cannabis certifications will speak volumes on your behalf.


At the end of the day, it boils down to pure psychology.


Let’s be honest – You wouldn’t tell a future business partner or employer that you were willing to break the law in order to gain this knowledge – that would only end in disaster.

Cannabis College - Marijuana Growing - Learn Sativa University

How Do I Get a Job in the Cannabis Industry?

Glad you asked, our campus host’s monthly cannabis job fairs with some of the largest cannabis businesses in the industry – companies like MedMen, Trulieve, Curaleaf & more. 

The odd’s of you landing a job in this industry nearly triple with the help of our program. The individuals you will be sitting next to in our hands-on classes will most likely be your future employers, employees, co-workers, and/or business partners.


What if I’m Looking to Start a Cannabis Business?

You will not find support like ours for your cannabis business anywhere else in the world? 100% Guaranteed.


Our Cannabis Network Includes (2019):

  • 50,000+ Alumni
  • 3,400 Legal Cannabis Businesses
  • Manufacturing / Farm Direct Cannabis Vendors
  • 2,000+ Marijuana Doctors
  • 7,000+ Marijuana Lawyers

Our staff will not only educate you on the latest industry trends and marijuana laws, but we will also provide you with all the tools necessary to get your company off the ground.


SATU Entrepreneur Benefits:

  • State of the Art Media Room
  • 4K/HD Camera Rentals
  • Web Development Workshops
  • Marketing Workshops
  • One-on-One Business Coaching


What if I Just Want to Learn How to Grow Marijuana?

Our school excels at providing the latest growing techniques in the industry – LST/HST, Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Aquaponic, Organic, Tissue Culture Cloning, Cross-breeding & more.


Here are a few benefits for the growers:

  • 1,000+ sq ft of hydroponic/soil gardens
  • Virtual gardens for REAL TIME experiments
  • Private coaching & tutoring


Cannabis College - Learn Sativa University

What’s the Catch?

Due to extremely limited seating, bandwidth and the ever-growing demand for experienced cannabis candidates, we no longer accept just anyone that comes knocking on our doors. All potential students must apply prior to enrolling – we do this to ensure that we are only educating & training individuals with a REAL passion for cannabis.

Learn Sativa University is looking to create the standard for the industry in regards to product handling, education and safety. That standard begins with proper dispensary, medicinal & cultivation training.

Our budtender training program is second to none.



The Truth is…

We genuinely want to see you succeed in this industry, and we will do EVERYTHING in our power to get you where you want to go. The fact of the matter is we need your help in order to create the standard that will be set for generations to come in this industry.

Our cannabis certifications are respected and recognized in over 17+ states, and over 3,400+ legal cannabis businesses and organizations.

We look forward to having you join our family and assist us in writing history.


Always Remember…


Knowledge is Power.

Florida Dispensaries

liberty health sciences - dispensary

Liberty Health Sciences Dispensary Locations, Menu, & Coupons (2019)

Sativa Certification Status: Not Active Address: 1743 S Orange Ave unit 102, Orlando, FL 32806 Sunday: 12–5PM Monday: 10AM–7PM Tuesday: 10AM–7PM Wednesday: 10AM–7PM Thursday: 10AM–7PM Friday: 10AM–7PM Saturday: 10AM–7PM Phone: (407) 523-3721 How Can We Help You? In order to purchase Marijuana in Florida, you must have a Medical Marijuana Card

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Knox Marijuana Dispensary Locations, Menu, & Coupons (2019)

Sativa Certification Status: Not Active Hours May Very Depending on Location* Sunday: 10AM–6PM Monday: 10AM–7PM Tuesday: 10AM–7PM Wednesday: 10AM–7PM Thursday: 10AM–7PM Friday: 10AM–7PM Saturday: 10AM–6PM Phone: See Below How Can We Help You? In order to purchase Marijuana in Florida, you must have a Medical Marijuana Card from a DOH

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Cannabis Jobs

Instructional Designer, Tempe

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES *   Understanding of goal-oriented instructional design using the course design triangle. Clear understanding of adult learning styles Using information and content

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Marijuana Strains

Marijuana News

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